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A couple of giggles in April ’16

Two things happened to make me smile last week-end.

We went to eat at Cà di Rossi, where my friend Luca Bertone was playing, with “Aldo Blues” on harmonica – Friday night is music night! I did what I suppose you could call a “guest spot”, borrowing Luca’s guitar to play House of the Rising Sun. (I do it, by the way, in a way that’s more inspired by Dave van Ronk then by the Animals. And I really try to milk it!) One of the audience thanked me afterwards, in a mixture of Italian and English, for “bringing tears to their eyes”. He meant it in a good way, didn’t he?

Then on Saturday I did a concert in Fivizzano. There was a young kid there, who was keen to tell me how he’s learning the guitar, and to show me his instrument. Then he got me to sign it. The cute thing was that afterwards I could see him going round the audience proudly showing them! I wish him lots of lots of luck.

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