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● Friday 12 June 2015. A return to the Beach Comber in Pontremoli.

2015-06-12 Beach Comber

There are a couple of pictures in the Gallery

● Friday 29 May 2015:

AGM18 (2015) logo

I did my spot at the “Tower Stage” (Palco della Torre) this year again at the 18th Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, which is taking place right now as I write. I could’a-should’a stuck out for a better time: at half-past two on a Friday afternoon most people are either working or resting. So I started with an audience of about two, which had grown to ten or so by the time I finished, so fair play to me (as John Spillane might say), but it was quiet!

Here is a poster from the roadside in Pontremoli, 40 km away:
● Friday 22 May, 9:30 pm I served “Pizza Blu” at the Pizzeria “Da Manuel” (the local), for some strictly acoustic, unamplified blues-plus. More emphasis on instrumentals gave people a chance to talk as well as tap their feet.

pizza manuel

● On Friday 8 May 2015 at the Beach Comber in Pontremoli. Unplugged, strictly acoustic, no amplification.

Poster Beachcomber

● 2015-04-04, the “Degustazione Amore e psyche 2015″ (“Tasting Love and Psyche 2015″) at La Gallina Cubista in Pontremoli. Gallina c cover pic

● 2014-09-26 Il Bardine, near Fivizzano, in support of the UK charity “Macmillan Cancer Support”

● 2014-08-02 In the piazza at Teglia’s annual village bash. There are a couple of pictures in the gallery.

● 2014-06-21 Gallina Cubista

● 2014-05-30 Palco della Torre at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana

● 2014-05-25 Juliet Staveley’s charity do, Ceserano

● 2014-05-10 Dal Libro alla Solidarietà, Fivizzano

Spring of 2014 featured some informal fun at “jam sessions” led by Dieci Corde at the Panigacceria Taraballa in Sarzana.

Old news

● I was commended in the UK Songwriting Competition! I’m not sure quite how many of the entrants get that, but better than a broken E-string in your eye.

ukswcaw14cert_small ● I recently re-recorded both the “Girl from Arkansas” and “St James’ Infirmary”, and combined them into a two-track package at band camp, “A-side, B-side“. It’s free, if you want to download the high quality tracks rather than just stream them. The production, if that’s not too grand a word, was as simple as could be. Setup: one stereo mike in the corner of the room, stand in front of it. Editing: check the volume, trim the beginning and the end. No reverb, no echo, no EQ, no separate tracks for the guitar, voice, or harmonica – no other effects at all.