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In short

Alex is a white baby-boomer from Birmingham, England.

He’s lived in Germany, Wales, Ireland and Australia, (and Scotland too, way back) and now lives in Tuscany.

“Why?”, you might ask. “Why do you want to know?”, he might answer.

He was involved in “folk” music – acoustic country blues – in the folk collision of the 1960s and the folk clubs of that day. Much good it did him, and he soon had to get a day job.

He has been unfaithful, even spending time blowing into an Irish flute. The cat liked it, though she did prefer the tin whistle.

But now he’s back to music rooted in blues, played on a couple of acoustic guitars (a Martin Dreadnought and a Fender resonator), and a bunch of harmonicas. It’s bastardized music, to be sure, but it has the traditional mix of foot-tapping rhythm, pain, misery, loss, death, depression and resignation to brighten the darkness of anyone’s soul.

Note from himself: Alan White of Earlyblues.com honoured me with the suggestion that I contribute to the “Blues Memories” section of his great site, so I wrote a long version of this. It’s only likely to interest people who know me, so I hived it off to a separate page.