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Italian Blues Challenge semifinalist – not quite!

I promised that I would declare how I got on, and here it is. No, I did not get selected for the semifinals but, that said, I wasn’t a huge way off. A “work in progress”, perhaps, but the progress is real.

North-central and south-central regions had the same set of judges. Of the 26 entrants in these regions, five were selected for semifinals, and the score they gave me was the eighth.

In total there were 77 entrants. The comparison is a bit more difficult here, as not all regions had the same number of judges, and the total possible scores that the judges could award were therefore not the same. Even allowing for that, it seems likely that some of the judges were more generous than others, although it is of course possible that, for instance, the contestants from Venice are generally better at playing the blues than the contestants from Rome. If we assume that the regions are home to bands and musicians of equal quality, then my score comes out as 18th of 77. So, hey, at least I wasn’t outclassed!

And something rather nice: a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how impressed I was by the Betta Blues Society. Their score was only one less than the highest score of all, and if we make the same assumption about some groups of judges having been more generous than others, then they come out as having by far the best score. They are my favourites to win!