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● Ca di Rossi, Busatica, 15 September – getting close!

Poster for Friday 17 Sep – blues at Ca di Rossi


● A good night of food and blues was had at Arci Baccano on Saturday 15 July.

● Supported the bookshop in Massa on Sunday 28 May (2017).

● I was at Kulchur21, in the old centre of Sarzana on Wednesday 22 February (2017). They were pushing a “live music on Wednesdays” thing, where the music was usually being some kind of blues, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside again, as it did last year. Here’s their current logo:

There was a facebook event:

● I was again at Ca di Rossi, panigacceria in the hills near here, where “Friday Night is Music Night, on Friday 20 January (2017).

● I did my bit in support of Macmillan Cancer Support at a fundraiser at Il Bardine on Friday 30 September.

Ca di Rossi, panigacceria in the hills near here, where “Friday Night is Music Night”, Friday 9 September. It was SOLD OUT! I look forward to going back.

CDR poster

● The former “Manhattan Bar” in Arpiola/Mulazzo relaunched itself at the end of April. It used to be, if I may say so, a fairly run-of-the-mill Italian bar with a function room at the back. The conventional front part has in fact closed, but the function room is now called the “Roby Rock” (pronounced “Robbie Rock”), and is profiling itself as a live music bar. I hope they manage to make a go of it – Arpiola is not exactly a metropolis.


I was there on 11 June – there are a couple of pics in the gallery.

It was after this gig that the organisers said, “La tua è musica per orecchie raffinate!” (“Yours is music for refined ears”) Thanks!

Blue-Eyed Blues at the Centro “Dal libro alla solidarietà” in Fivizzano on Saturday 9 April. In the organisers’ very own words: “The utterly splendid Alex Wilding will be weaving his magic again in the bookshop in Fivizzano next month. Great music, great company, great food – be there!”  Well, I have to blush! I hope I lived up to it!. Fivvi 2016-04 poster

There are a couple of pics from the gig in the gallery.

● I was back in the smoky hole for pre-Cristmas blues: the Beach Comber, Sunday, 6 December 2015. Poster Beach Comber 2015-12-06 ● The Beach Comber, this time on Sunday, 8 November 2015. AWatBC 2015-11-08 poster ● Back to the Beach Comber just a week later! Saturday 26 September, 21:00 until 23:00 – a long blue night! I had thought that the karaoke guy had cancelled, but no, that was still happening.   Poster BC 2015-09 02 ● On the same day as the coffee morning, Friday 25 September, 21:30 back to the Beach Comber.   Poster BC 2015-09 ● Coffee MORNING (10.00 am) Friday 25 September at Il Bardine, near Ceserano, in aid of the Macmillan cancer support charity. Unfortunately I had to leave early to get the car window fixed!

● The Staveley annual charity bash near Fivizzano took place on 29 August. If you weren’t there – sorry! It was a great evening and week-end. Cerignano 2015 ● Friday 31 July 2015, at 21:30 I performed “Pastiche with Heart” at the Pizzeria da Manuel, the local pizzeria in Ponte Teglia: Pizzeria da Manuel 2015-07-26 (1) And here’s the poster: Pizzeria Manuel 2015-07 ● Saturday 11 July 2015, I bashed out the blues-based pastiche at the Bar Orchidea in a corner of the Piazza Republica. (Event picture by Luisa Fedone.) Bar Orchidea poster by Luisa ● If you want to go back before the summer, to the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, for example, you can look at old stuff.

Yesterday’s news

● I was commended again in the UK Songwriting Competition for “Refugee”. Of course I’d like to get placed, but to be honest I’m quite pleased to have even got that far, as I realised almost as soon as I’d sent the entry off that I hadn’t yet “grown into” the song. The version on Youtube is better than what I submitted.

Screenshot (77)

● I’ve been listed on the “Who’s who” page of “TheCountryBlues.com” – how nice!

● You may have noticed this elsewhere, but a clip from the “Stavebury 2015” fundraiser is finally available – see “Vids“.

● I entered the UK Songwriting Competition again, with “Refugee”. Frankly, though, I’m not expecting much joy – the category I entered looks at the performance as well as the song, and I was too fresh. I hadn’t got to the point where I can really give something to the performance. I haven’t even performed it “out” yet, though I hope to do so soon. So, we’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

● Newsletter: yes, I have a facebook page, but it’s sometimes hard to know what fb will deliver to us, what it won’t, and when. I’ve therefore just set up a newsletter, so that you can be cleanly – and I hope reliably – informed whenever there is something coming up. They won’t be frequent, I don’t suppose! Subscribe under “Contact and links” from the menu above.

I was commended! I’m not sure quite how many of the entrants get that, but nice anyway.