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Refugee revisited

Reeling as many of us are from the news surrounding Trump’s first week in office, I thought it might not be a bad time to revisit this. It’s a kitchen-table recording: first and only take, with no effects, no cuts, no reverb, no nothing!


Approximate words (it came out a bit different this time):

He lost his son, shot by a bullet
He lost his wife, drowned in the sea
His daughter’s gone, taken God knows where
All he is now, is a refugee

Refugee refugee refugee refugee

She lost her mother, when a rocket fell
Her brother died, trying to shield her daughter
Her house is now a pile of stones
Her only hope is to cross the water

But hey, hey, somebody’s got to make money (outta this)
Hey, hey, someone’s got a cut a good deal
Go down to the border, somebody give you a number
Where oil’s so cheap, you’d almost think it was a steal

He found a boat, they said it still had places,
All he had to do was pay
He gave the man his very last dollar
His very last hope was to sail away

Refugee refugee refugee refugee

But hey, hey, somebody’s got to make money
Hey, hey, someone’s got a cut a good deal
You’ve got guns to sell? You’ll sure find a buyer
But don’t pretend, that the wounds will ever heal


Another take on caterwauling

Couldn’t resist fooling about with it a bit more…


Red Cat Blues

Speaks for itself.


Death Won’t Have No Mercy

A blues/spiritual with many sources, one of the best-known being Rev. Blind Gary Davis. Possibly one of the darkest blues around.


One Hundred Candles

This one is really not a blues at all, nor is it miserable. In a few weeks time my favourite aunt will have her 100th birthday. I am looking forward to the party! But what can you give to someone like that? A new set of kitchenware? A rotavator? I decided on a song. Could be OK for any birthday, but obviously enough focussed on the big 100. I hope she likes it.

Corrina, Corrina with uke?

A clip to see how it sounds with the uke. Sort of experimental.

The Road to Wolverhampton

Nostalgia for a lost world. But was it really any better?

I must confess that I haven’t yet got permission for the stills here, got by googling for pictures of Wolverhampton, Aston and Sparkhill in the ’50s and ’60s. If any rights-holders have objections, please let me know and I’ll make the necessary changes (credits, removal…)

It’s not shit

Another quick one for twitter…

Acoustic blues guitar; it’s not music for parties; it’s not shit!
Blues acustico di chitarra; non è musica per una festa; non è merda!


This track, “Calling Card”, is a tiny one-track sampler made up of three clips, so you can get an idea of what I do in barely two minutes. All three clips are live single-takes – no multi-tracking, no “dropping in”, no weird effects. It was made in April 2016.


If you are looking for something longer, you’ll find some under Vids, and don’t forget you can hear all the songs from “For the Record” on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify.

Crossroads for twitter

Made this one for twitter, where there is a 30s limit.

Refugee – new song

Is there such a word as politainment? I hope the song isn’t as ugly as the word. A lot of the songs I do are about misery and death, although in spite of that many have a cheerful side. For a change, this one doesn’t – it’s basically about misery and death. This is a single take, so there is an occasional wrinkle, but I do think it’s nicer to have a recording of a performance, rather than a cobbling together of tracks, snips, drop-ins and so on. That said, my mind’s ear can hear a massed choir on the 4 x “Refugee” choruses! Hope you like it.

Stavebury 2015

September 2015. Cerignano, near Fivvizano. A charity concert in aid of “Sign Health“, a charity that assists a lot of deaf people, but this was with particular emphasis on the teaching of sign language in Uganda.
Quite a lot of people put quite a lot of work into this, and the entertainment that was put on had a wide range and a very high standard. The whole thing was great fun. I did about 25 minutes, and here is one (CC Rider), together with some pictures of some of the others.


Competition entry

Some while back I entered Acoustic Guitar’s “Pay tribute to the ultimate blues guitarist, Robert Johnson, and you could win a Gibson 1928 L-1 Blues Tribute Guitar” contest. Unfortunately I didn’t get through to the public voting round.

I’d thought of doing a clip with video from different locations, angles etc., but it took me much longer to feel at home with the song than I had hoped, so in the end there was no time for anything more complicated than this completely straight, single-track take. So it was a bit rushed, but I hope you like it!

If you feel like hearing a better quality of audio, you can download the track (it’s the same recording, but the quality is better than streaming) from bandcamp.

Clips from here and there

At the 2014 Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana:

From the Cerignano charity bash in May 2014:

A few samples rolled into one:

November 2013 at La Gallina Cubista: